Rainbow after a storm


Rainbow after a storm… so beautiful so shortly lived…! Best way I could’ve captured at the moment was piece by piece. Although it’s broken I would rather see how it began and how it ended. At least I can have it as a triptych.


This is how vegetables communicate

This is how vegetables communicate

This is paper mache was made in a sculpture 101 class a long time ago. The professor was thoughtful enough to make photo slides of students works of the class. And as It was 101 class, most of us weren’t even Sculpture majors (My major was to be emphasis on painting). That’s how I still have this photo which was transferred from the photo slide. Anyhow, the idea behind of this little work came from a thought I had when I was little, how vegetables or fruits might communicate using invisible antenna like telepathy.

Woman on the beach with glass shell necklace

Metallic Sharpie is the queen of the Sharpies overwrites all other colors.