The Paris Review at the Saipan Airport

I was at the airport waiting for my sister. She was coming from Seoul and it’s her first time visiting Saipan. Myself being here not long and never had a chance to pickup anyone from the airport, I realized the waiting area for arrival is actually at outside. I had about 4 round trips between Seoul and Saipan since last summer, and fail to realize this until when I actually had to wait for someone at the arrival. But then, I fail to realize other little things such as there is no elevator nor escalator from the exit of plane to the baggage claim. I would tell myself, next time no carry-on luggage, but I always manage to forget about this. It will be a little different story if passengers exits from the plane to the ground as do in some smaller airports (which I find it not efficient enough to prefer but find it romantic enough to not complain about it when I have a chance), but this one exit through the tunnel that is directly connected to the airport building like the usual airports do. Despise the little inconvenient things it carries, I like Saipan airport with similar reasons I like small airports. They’re different, they have characters unique to themselves.

So, I was at the arrival waiting area outside of the airport siting on a concrete bench (?) reading The Paris Review. The Paris Review is the only magazine I renewed, when I was moving back to Seoul from the states. It’s not like other magazines which contents are mostly ads, it’s a quarterly literature magazine consists most of texts, some art works and has a few ads if none. Although this seems to be changing ever since they got new editor but still retaining very small amount of ads which are also tastefully laid out. This new change is very forgivable otherwise, especially in publishing business, they’ll run out of business in no time.  And that’s last thing I want from them, going out of business, not able to read the magazine anymore.


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