Rainbow after a storm


Rainbow after a storm… so beautiful so shortly lived…! Best way I could’ve captured at the moment was piece by piece. Although it’s broken I would rather see how it began and how it ended. At least I can have it as a triptych.


17 thoughts on “Rainbow after a storm

    1. Your photos are simply beautiful. How you captures blocks of colors and shapes within pictures are amazing!

  1. It’s not often you get to see both ends of a rainbow touch ground, in this case, water. Cool. A double rainbow at that.

    1. Totally, I’ve never seen whole rainbow both end touching ground before this one, especially on the top of tropical island ocean! It was really cool experience.

    1. It was totally awesome experience. I only wish I was skillful and fast enough to capture it more true to the scene. I almost feel like I downgraded it by posting these images. Well this is how we learn, right?

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